Samuel Dennis Agyeman Kodom

flagAshanti Region , Ghana
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Professional Summary

I am an aspiring Electronics Engineer with a strong foundation in electrical engineering. Over the past four years, I have honed my programming and building skills, specializing in Lego Mindstorm, Lego Spike, Arduino, Vex IQ, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Ozobot, Scratch, and more.

My expertise extends to robotics and embedded systems, with a track record of success in local and international competitions addressing societal challenges. I am dedicated to applying both technical and soft skills acquired from these experiences.

As a proactive communicator, I actively seek opportunities to engage with diverse audiences. I am committed to continuous learning and believe in supporting change-makers who drive positive societal transformation.

My passion for knowledge aligns with the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, particularly in Embedded Systems, Robotics, AI, and Electrical Engineering. Beyond my professional pursuits, I have a keen interest in photography and enjoy listening to music.

Safety tips

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  • Do all background checks to make sure trainer offers the right training your child needs
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  • Call the police on TOLL FREE 18555 to report any trainer who scams you by not showing up
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