Lordgreat Yawlui

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Professional Summary

I am a young lady, who is enthusiastic, dedicated, understanding and patient with Children.
I am a graduate from the university of cape coast with a master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree and Diploma in Education.
I have over 10years of teaching experience in working with children from pre school -4th grade in Vilac International School, Delsi Montessori School and Dieudonne International School. I have become an expert in gaining students attention in managing both small and large classroom.
I believe these skills combined with my ability to foster constructive learning environments make me ideal candidate for this role.
Beyond my teaching experience and classroom management skills, I believe my enthusiasm makes me a perfect fit having a lifelong passion for education.
Thank You for your time and consideration.

Safety tips

  • Remember, don't send any pre-payments to trainer
  • At any given time do not provide any monetary favours to trainers. Report any trainer if they do that
  • Do all background checks to make sure trainer offers the right training your child needs
  • Check reviews on trainer and call TCTN if you still need to be sure
  • Call the police on TOLL FREE 18555 to report any trainer who scams you by not showing up
  • Check all documentation and only pay if you're satisfied


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